Emergency Leave Policy: When & How to Take Time Off (Fast Guide)

What is Emergency Leave?

Emergency Leave Policy: When & How to Take Time Off (Fast Guide)

Learn everything about emergency leave policies, including when it’s appropriate, how to request it, and what documentation is needed.

There is no definite time for an inevitable tragedy to strike or for emergencies to arise. However, instead of panicking, handling the situation with a calm and collected mind helps greatly. Instead of being overwhelmed with the inevitable, it is better to stay focused on what truly matters at the moment.

Emergency leaves are informed absences from the place of your reporting or your workspace. These leaves are when one takes a break from coming to their work when something unforeseen has occurred.

The concept of leaves for emergency situations empowers the employees. It also understands the notion that life happens.

With the knowledge of leave policies, the procedure of requesting a leave and the necessary documents, you will be prepared.

What is an example of emergency leave?

Let’s start with the basics. To truly understand the leave policies, we start with going into depth with sharing some examples of emergency leaves. It helps elaborate more clearly what these even are.

Leaves are for different reasons and circumstances. Examples of emergency leaves may include sudden illnesses, accidents, any unforeseen events, or a personal tragedy. These may also encompass tragedies happening in families, an immediate surgery, or a medical emergency.

Emergency leave policies in the UAE

The UAE has clear policies regarding leaves. It includes the exact procedure how to request one and what qualifies an employee to a leave of absence during emergency situations.

Make sure that you understand the leave policies in the UAE. Also, check in with the HR department of the organization you work at. Ask them about the protocol they have in place to follow. Reach out to them to learn the steps they expect the employee to take when applying for a leave.

How do I ask for emergency leave?

Need to ask for a leave? Simply follow these steps to apply for emergency leave in UAE:

  • Inform the relevant authorities or your immediate supervisor
  • Ask for the leave application form from the HR department
  • Fill out your application form
  • Give details of your emergency: the nature of emergency, the duration of your leave
  • Provide all the supporting documents
  • Communicate the dates of your leave

How many days are allowed for emergency leave in UAE?

In the UAE, a leave is allowed for an initial 15 days with full salary. The subsequent 30 days empower the employee to receive half of their salary. After the initial 45 days, there will be no accompanying salary payments for the leaves in UAE.

How does emergency leave work?

It works this way:

  • An employee facing something unexpected will request for their emergency leave in UAE by notifying the HR department and their immediate supervisor.
  • They will draft a clear and concise email to inform them officially. They also may need to fill a form following the policy of their company. In case of medical emergencies, they would be sharing their medical reports or test results. The dates and duration of their leave will also be included in the email. Then, the employee will send their emergency leave request email.
  • Once the relevant authorities approve the leave request, the leave will commence.
  • The employee will receive full pay for their first 15 days of leave absence
  • They will receive half of their regular salary for the next 30 days
  • If they are on leave for a longer period, employees will not receive an accommodation of salary after the initial 45 days.

Qualifying Events for Emergency Leave

The degree and severity of events calling for a leave may differ. There are different reasons and events that qualify for a leave in cases of emergency. Some of them are:

  1. Family emergencies
  2. Medical emergencies
  3. Personal emergencies

Family Emergencies

Various events happen in families. There are different forms of family emergencies that may qualify you for emergency leave in UAE. Be sure to get in touch with the HR department so you are clear on which event qualifies you for the leave.

Medical Emergencies

Some medical emergencies need to be addressed right away. You cannot afford any delay. These qualify you for emergency leave in UAE.

Personal Emergencies

Personal emergencies vary from person to person. In case of personal emergencies, you may qualify for leaves.

Contacting Your Employer Immediately

It is important to contact your employer immediately for emergency leave in UAE. Write your emergency leave letter or emergency leave request email in a clear and concise manner. Begin your emergency leave email with addressing your direct manager with the subject line. Your subject line should clearly state the purpose. For example, write “Emergency leave request” in the subject line.

Share all the necessary information and details, including:

  • Reason for your leave
  • Expected duration of your leave
  • Any additional required information
Importance of Clear Communication During Emergencies

Make your best efforts to maintain a transparent line of communication. Clear communication is important; even more so during emergencies. With clear communication, you not only remain professional but also invite a higher level of empathy to your circumstances.


There are times when you come across unexpected situations. Life happens and it is full of surprises. During times of personal, family or medical emergencies, you may need to put forward an emergency leave application.

Knowing how to apply for your leave and the UAE leave policies are valuable. Being informed on the type of leave duration and salary entitlement for these durations is necessary to fully know your employee rights.

  1. What is an emergency leave exactly?
    It is when you request absence from work in case of unforeseen events or inevitable emergencies.
  2. What are some examples of emergencies that qualify employees for an emergency leave?
    Some of the examples that make employees eligible to apply for a leave are:

    • Medical emergencies
    • Family emergencies
    • Personal emergencies
  3. In case of emergencies, are employees in the UAE entitled to salary ?
    Once the leave request has gained approval, employees have the right to receive:

    • Full salary for the first 15 days
    • Half salary for the next 30 days

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