Benefits of Nafis

Nafis Benefits is an overall perks program that is dedicated to streamlining and guaranteeing the well-being of employers and employees. Thanks to this particular benefits program, businesses can provide their teams with a wide catalogue of perks that are way more enticing than a traditional benefits package. Some of these benefits are:

Emirati Salary Support Scheme

The "Emirati Salary Support Scheme" is a government-organised initiative in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Its goal is to aid local Emirati citizens in finding reliable work and improving their financial standing. This program typically involves financial support offered by the government to motivate private employers to take on Emirati nationals.

  • Basic requirements to avail of these benefits.
  • Emirati locals working in the private sector.
  • Monthly income of AED 30,000 maximum.

Unemployment Benefits

The Unemployment Benefit Scheme of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a government-run program which offers financial assistance to UAE nationals who are without work. This initiative is intended to provide short-term assistance to those who have lost their jobs, so they can cover important costs while they look for a new job. Those Emirati citizens who are without income due to job loss can access support from the UAE Government and receive different benefits.

  • Be legally employable.
  • Not be enrolled in any educational institution.
  • Not exceed the scheme’s limits.
  • Be within the 18 – 60 age range.

Child Allowance Scheme

The Child Allowance Scheme is a state-run program that provides financial assistance to families living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The goal of this initiative is to ease the financial pressure of raising children, maintain family harmony, and improve the general standard of living for UAE citizens.

  • Emiratis within the private sector.
  • Female and make Emirates, new or existing employees.
  • Families need to have at least one child and can have up to four covered.
  • Children must be 21 years old or younger, not working or married.

On Job Training Support

Nafis is a program that has been created to help Emirati Nationals gain practical experience in the private sector. Starting from September 13, 2021, Emiratis who hold a graduate trainee permit and are entering a new on-the-job training role can receive a salary that corresponds to their educational background.

  • UAE nationals participating in on-the-job training through the system for holders of undergraduate training permits.
  • The scheme started after September 13th, 2021.
  • Minimum high school diploma.

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Pension Program

The UAE Pension Program is an essential government-backed initiative that ensures financial stability for both Emirati employees and private sector employers. This plan provides advantageous reimbursements and incentives to encourage retirement savings. It covers full contributions during the first year and follows a specific payment schedule thereafter.

  • Emirati Nationals in new private/financial sector jobs since September 13, 2021.
  • Monthly earnings under AED 20,000.
  • Active pension contribution with ADRPBF or GPSSA.

Apprentice Program Support

This program is a truly visionary scheme to foster the potential of young Emiratis. This, is by giving them valuable chances to increase their abilities and gain practical experience.

  • Unemployed Emirati nationals.
  • Bachelor degree holders.
  • Graduated in the last 2 years.


Explore a world of opportunities through the Fazaa Initiative, a pioneering effort driven by H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. This plan provides support and encourages solidarity among the Ministry of Interior's personnel and other entities of the UAE government. The Fazaa Initiative emphasizes collective welfare, creating a positive impact through the many services it offers.

  • The Fazaa Initiative seeks to foster a culture of growth and wellness for all involved, with requirements for access to its services varying depending on the program. Start your journey towards a brighter future with Fazaa.


ADNOC's Mazaya Program serves to increase Emirati representation in the private sector, showcasing their dedication to supporting their people and businesses.

The Mazaya Program offers a set financial reward for Emirati citizens who work in the private sector. Thus, motivating them to join and help develop this vital area of their country.

  • Only UAE nationals who are employed in the private sector are eligible to apply for the program.

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