Notice Periods in the UAE A Complete Guide

The notice period in UAE is an important part of the employment contract to build trust and a smooth work relationship between both parties. The labor laws in the UAE provide transparent guidelines for the notice period, and the responsibilities of both employer and the employee.

This guide shares all the relevant information about the notice period in the UAE’s new labor law for employers and employees. You can go through this article to acquire all the basic information, but the laws can be changed further, and you can visit the authority web portals for the latest updates and detailed overview.

Understanding Your Notice Requirements

An employer must adhere to labor laws in the UAE for termination or the end of the service with a specified notice period. The UAE government provides a framework and complete guidelines defining; what is the notice period in the UAE for employment contracts. These are a few points to define the terms and requirements for the notice period in the UAE;

Legal Framework: UAE Labor Law

The UAE Labour Law defines written notice period requirements for both employers and employees to abide by the law.

Minimum and Maximum Notice Periods

The UAE government sets a time frame for notice periods from a minimum of thirty days to a maximum of ninety days within a year of the employment contract. This duration can vary according to the job title, position, technical expertise, and seniority.

Contractual Variations

An employment contract may specify a date for the end of service within legal requirements for fixed terms of employment. It is essential to understand the terms and conditions for this type of employment contract and pre-defined notice period.

Notice Period in Your Employment Contract

If employment contracts clearly state the notice period, the employee must understand the specific time frame provided for the notice period in the contract.

Negotiating Changes to Notice Period

The UAE law sets a framework for the notice period, and the employer and employee can negotiate changes to the notice period according to the law of the Emirates. An employee can negotiate the notice period in case of resigning for a shorter period to join the new position with a smooth handover process. However, after the resignation notice period in the UAE can’t be changed or extended.

These essential aspects must be understood to ensure compliance with the UAE’s laws and regulations and a smooth transition process for both parties at the end of service.

Notice Periods for Different Situations

The UAE labour law provides all legal requirements and regulations for the notice period in terms of resignation, termination, or end of service and employment contracts. These rules and requirements are essential to understand for both employees and employers. This guide shares all the relevant points to explore the notice periods in various employment situations.

Unlimited Contracts

Unlimited contracts are a common type of employment contract in the UAE, and they have a pre-defined end date and notice period for the end of service. The standard notice period for these types of employment contracts is one month or thirty days from the employer and for the employee. However, exceptions can be possible in case of misconduct, retirement, or mutual agreement between employer and employee.

Standard Notice Period

The standard notice period is thirty days or one month. The employer must provide a notice period in writing in case of end of service or termination, and the employee must provide a written resignation or job switch.

Exceptions and Special Cases

The general standard of notice period is thirty days. However, there might be some exceptional cases for extended or shorter notice periods;

Mutual Agreement between Employer and Employee: They can both agree on a short notice period to ensure a smooth transition process for mutual benefits. This agreement can be provided in writing to prevent legal issues and disputes.

In case of Misbehavior or criminal activity: If any employee commits a serious act against the laws and ethical terms, such as misbehaving with the owner or co-workers or creating a crime scene at the workplace. Instant termination without a notice period can be possible according to the law of the state, or the employee can leave immediately with full benefits of end of service in case of employer breaches the employment contract or creates an unethical or unsafe work atmosphere.

End of Service or Retirement: When an employee reaches retirement age, as per the employment contract or UAE labor law regulations, the employment contract can be terminated without a notice period.

Limited Contracts

Fixed employment contracts are limited contracts with pre-defined end-of-service dates. These contracts have various notice periods, such as;

  • If any employee or employer wants to terminate the employment contract before the end of service date, they need to provide a written notice period of a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months before the end of service.
  • If any employer or employee wants to terminate the employment contract near the date of the end of service, a short written notice period can be acceptable with a mutual agreement from both parties.
  • If an employer and employee agreed to renew the employment limited contract, then a standard notice period must be defined for a thirty days for contract renewal.

Notice Period Considerations

There are various considerations that influence the employment contract and notice period;

  • The Employee position and seniority or technical expertise may require a long notice period of ninety days for a smooth transition and handover of responsibilities.
  • Various industries have distinctive norms for notice periods according to their industry standards, which are provided in writing in the employment contract.
  • Various companies may have distinctive policies for notice periods, and the employees can have extended or shorter notice periods per the company’s terms and conditions.

Probation Period and Notice

The standard probation period is three to six months for employment contracts. Companies may provide a short notice period, typically from seven to fifteen days, according to their policy and stated in the employment contract.

The employer and employee must understand various conditions applied for the notice period and considerations to ensure a smooth transition and handover of responsibilities for both parties to comply with the law of the state.


What is the employment termination period in UAE?

When an employer wants to terminate or end the employment contract, he or she will define a termination period or end-of-service period.

Can I quit my job after six months in the UAE?

It depends on the employment contract terms and conditions in the UAE. However, an employee can quit within a short notice period if the employer agrees with the mutual agreement of both parties.

Is the notice period included in gratuity UAE?

If the employment termination is according to the accurate date of the end of service stated in the employment contract, then the employee can avail of all the benefits, including gratuity funds and notice period, as required by the law.

What is the salary during the notice period in UAE?

The salary during the notice period in the UAE can be the last salary drawn from the employer before the issuance of the notice period.

Can I resign without a notice period in the UAE?

No, every employee must provide a written notice period with resignation.

What is the notice period in the UAE?

The legal notice period in the UAE is from one month to three months for both parties.


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