A Look at Article 29 of the UAE Labour Law

A Look at Article of ther UAE Labour Law

Around the globe, a fair and balanced relationship between employees and employers is paramount in any work environment. It is essential to have a healthy work environment so that both parties can work, and communicate effectively. This helps organizations gain success in the long run

According to the United Arab Emirates Labour Law, it outlines the rights and obligations of both employees and employers. However, this article delves into Article 29 UAE labour law 2024. It’s a crucial provision that specifically addresses a fundamental worker entitlement: annual leave UAE labour law.

This guide is specifically written to discuss annual leaves for employees in the UAE.

Let’s get started and enlighten your knowledge on this!

Key Points of Article 29

Starting out your journey to UAE employment. If yes, then it is necessary to understand the key points of Article 29 UAE labour law. Here, we share the key points of the UAE Labour Law regarding annual leaves:

Minimum Entitlement:

In UAE, employees who have completed one year of service are entitled to a paid annual leave of not less than 30 days.

Leave During First Year:

Employees who have completed six months but not yet a full year are entitled to two days of paid leave per month.

Calculation of Leave Duration:

By UAE labor law, the duration of annual leave includes official holidays. Other leaves are caused by sickness if they fall within the annual leave period. Unless the employment contract or company regulations specify otherwise.

Carry Over of Unused Leave:

Article 29 UAE labour law emphasizes that employees should use their annual leave within the year. There is no explicit provision prohibiting carrying over unused leave. The company’s internal regulations and procedures will determine whether unused leave can be carried forward to the following year.

Payment for Unused Leave:

On end of a work contract before the representative purposes their yearly leave, the business should repay the representative. Normally, the remuneration depends on the worker’s fundamental compensation.

Minimum Annual Leave for Employees

The employees are granted annual leave as per article 29 UAE Labour Law. The employees who’ve completed one year of service are entitled to no less than 30 paid leave days. This translates to 2.5 days of paid leave per month.

On the other hand, employees with at least six months but less than a year get a minimum of two paid days of leave per month. Remember, these are minimums, and some companies might offer even more generous leave policies.

Leave for Those Who Haven’t Completed a Year

The UAE government understands that the employees deserve breaks to perform well even before they hit the one-year mark. According to article 29 UAE labour law, for those who haven’t completed a full year of service but have been with the company for at least six months, the employees get a minimum of two paid leave days per month. The reason behind this is to recharge and return to work refreshed. Even before they qualify for the longer UAE labour law annual leave benefit.

Additional Considerations Regarding Annual Leave

Here we share the additional considerations that should be taken into account regarding annual leaves:

Employer Responsibilities

The UAE Labour Law outlines some key responsibilities for employers regarding annual leave, this includes:

  • The organization’s employers have a role in facilitating leave scheduling. The specific process might be outlined in company policy or through mutual agreement. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure a fair and transparent system exists for employees to request and take their annual leave.
  • On availing annual leaves, the employees are entitled to receive their full base salary. Employers are responsible for ensuring this payment is made promptly.
  • On termination of an employee’s contract before they use their allocated annual leave, the employer must compensate them financially for those unused days. This compensation typically reflects the employee’s basic salary.

Carry-Over or Encashment of Unused Leave

Article 29 labour law of the UAE doesn’t address carrying over unused leave to the following year. The emphasis is on using the annual leave within the year it’s granted.

The law itself doesn’t guarantee an automatic right to carry over unused leave. The individual companies determine their policy on carry-over through internal regulations or collective bargaining agreements.

On the off chance that a work contract closes before the representative purposes their yearly leave, Article 29 UAE work regulation commands remuneration for those unused days. Commonly, this pay depends on the representative’s essential compensation.

Moreover, extend is certainly not a dependable right under Article 29, it merits really taking a look at your organization’s particular pass on strategy to check whether it considers unused leave to be conveyed forward.

Resources and Support

The legalities of annual leave in the UAE can involve more than just Article 29. Here are some resources and support options to consider:

  1. The UAE government’s official MOHRE website (https://www.mohre.gov.ae/en/home.aspx) provides a wealth of information on labor laws. It includes resources on annual leave entitlement and dispute resolution mechanisms.
  2. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your annual leave rights under Article 29 or your company’s leave policy, consulting with a qualified legal professional specializing in UAE labor law is recommended. They can provide tailored advice based on your situation.
  3. If your company has an established employee union, they can be a valuable resource for understanding your leave rights and advocating for your interests. Unions can also offer support in case of any disputes with your employer regarding annual leave.

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization

The UAE MOHRE is a key resource for understanding and enforcing Article 29 of the Labour Law regarding annual leave.

The website provides a wealth of labor law information in Arabic and English, likely including resources dedicated to annual leave. You can find explanations of key provisions and employee entitlements outlined in Article 29.

The MOHRE UAE labour law facilitates resolving disputes between employees and employers on labor issues, potentially including disagreements about annual leave applications or compensation. The MOHRE website might offer information on filing a complaint if you believe your Article 29 rights are violated.

Legal Advice for Labour Issues

The employee and employer relationship is necessary for the company’s growth. However, there can be unforeseen disputes arise between both parties. Try to communicate with each other to make things better. But, if the case is not resolved with clear communication then it is suggested to take legal advice to resolve labour issues


In conclusion, article 29 UAE labour law is a cornerstone for ensuring employees receive well-deserved annual leave. The employees get a guaranteed minimum of 30 paid leave days for those with a year of service. Employers are responsible for facilitating leave scheduling. They must ensure timely payment during leave, and compensate for unused leave upon termination. On the other hand, carry-over of unused leave isn’t mandated. The companies have the flexibility to establish policies allowing it. It is essential to understand your rights under Article 29. For this, utilize resources like the MOHRE website. With this, you can ensure a fair and balanced approach to annual leave in the UAE.

What is Article 29 of the UAE Labour law?

According to the UAE labor law, article 29 states that employees with at least a year of service are entitled to 30 days of paid annual leave. On the other hand, those workers with 6 months of service period can get 2 days per month of leave. Additionally, unused leave can potentially be carried over or cashed out upon agreement.

Do I need to pay if I resign under probation period?

As an employee working in UAE, you don’t owe money for resigning during probation. On the other hand, your employer can withhold visa and medical test costs if not agreed upon otherwise in your contract.

What is the new labor law in UAE 2024?

The good news for UAE employees! The new 2024 labor law increased the minimum annual leave to 30 days after one year of service, up from 25 days previously. This change reflects a focus on improved work-life balance.


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